Resin Styles of Driveways


More homeowners are turning away from the over-the-hill, old, blocky feel of paving stones and concrete, and are instead treating their driveways to a more natural and contemporary look through resin bound surfacing.

So, if you’re looking to facelift your driveway, then resin bound driveways is your best bet. Why? Well, because resin driveways are a highly-permeable and a durable resurfacing solution. Resin bound drives are totally resistant to oil and petrol spillages that are homestay with driveways.

Since resin driveways are a fairly new surfacing solution as compared to concrete, tarmac, or block paving, your driveway will remain functionally sound for a very long time and would even add value to your house in case of a resale.


The basic premise of a resin bound driveway is that a high-quality epoxy resin is mixed together with coloured or decorative fine aggregates such as gravel, shingles or quartzite. This hard-mixed mixture is then troweled over a firm base – usually an existing or freshly laid concrete or tarmac surface – to create a beautiful storey appearance that will not scatter underfoot. The result is an extremely hardwearing surface suitable for patios, driveways, walkway and garden surfacing.

Obviously, the main reason for the growing popularity of resin bound driveways is its versatility. They can be used as a surfacing solution for multiple projects, and yet maintain its classy and highly functional look. We are talking of use in car parks, paths and patios, driveways, footways, cycleways, bus lanes and road junctions.

But what other advantages does it have?


• Quick and easy installation
Resin bound driveways boast incredibly quick laying and setting times. We can complete laying an average sized driveway within 1 or 2 days. Surprisingly, you will be able to use and enjoy your freshly installed driveway 6 hours after being laid.
• Versatility

Resin bound driveway can be used in multiple application due to its non-slip and easy-access nature.

• Low Maintenance

Your driveway maintenance couldn’t be easier! A quick pressure wash of your resin drive now and then should be enough to keep your driveway looking pristine. Also, with a resin bound driveway, you’ll not expect to watch pesky weeds grow as they can be brushed away easily.

• Smooth finish

Resin glues the gravels together, thus creating a smooth non-scatter finish. This allows you to enjoy a natural gravelly aesthetic without the annoyances that come with loose gravel. The resin is also all-weather friendly, meaning that cracking and displacement are very unlikely.

• UV stable

It’s annoying to have a beautiful driveway, only for it to lose its glory after a while. Right? A resin bound driveway saves you the heartache since the bounding resin matrix is UV-stable and does not damage on exposure to sunlight. Your driveway is expected to maintain its flair and quality for a very long time.

However, for those homeowners looking to have a resin bound driveway and still get to save a few bucks, there is an option for having a non-UV-stable alternative installed. The non-UV-stable driveway is price-conscious. The resin matrix will lose its colour over time and turn light brown, but still, maintain its bond and strength.

• Aesthetically Pleasing

If you want to massively boost your kerb appeal and create a super-attractive driveway to awe your visitors, then resin bound surfacing is your perfect bet. Resin bound drives use natural stones that are available in all sizes, giving you the ability to create truly bespoke, artsy and individualistic look for your driveway.


We have completed numerous resin bound driveways in the UK that leave our clients awe-struck by their beauty. Our driveway installers have a great deal of experience in designing and laying resin bound surfacing, so you can be confident that you’ll get a bespoke finish that is durable, functional and environmentally friendly.

If you’d like some advice on the design and an installation quote, please take a moment to fill our super-easy contact form below. Be sure to include a description of your work and the dimensions of the proposed area. One of our experts will pick it up from there.

Garden Layout Ideas

When you are planning for a garden, there are many layout ideas that you can consider that will make your garden presentable and appealing at the same time. In addition, the ideas must also improve the look and feel of your home not only for the people living inside but also for the visitors coming by. From these many ideas, only some will be effective for your simple needs and preferences. Let us discuss more of these garden layout ideas as we thread along the article.

Having well-maintained walkways and edge, systematically planned flowerbeds, and a lawn along with attractive fences matching that garden will surely make a complete garden landscape for your house. With these arrangements, your garden will surely give your house a cheerful, stress-free and pleasant environment. However, before you can achieve this, it is essential to give your garden the proper layout and shape so the output will look good and neat. This is regardless of the garden size as there many different garden layout ideas that you can incorporate.

Impressive Garden Layout Ideas that You Can Use

All of us would want an organized and non-messy garden. This is not difficult to achieve as you can always asses and manage the space of your garden. In this way, you can come up with simple and effective garden layout ideas as necessary. As you plan for a garden, the first thing to do is to check the fertility of the soil where the plants will grow. Once the soil is ready, choose the garden type you like to have whether a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or a combination of both. In addition, you also need to consider some few factors such as lawns, patios, water features, walkways, edging, flowering plants, and many more. Make sure to identify which of the factors are used.

If you have chosen flowerbeds for your garden layout, choose the particular location such as rows, sides, or corners where you can grow the flowering plants. Growing flower plants is time-consuming and needs proper maintenance such as plowing, enough supply of food and water. Thus, it is important to choose flower plants first before planting them in your desired manner. If possible, choose flowering plants that grow fast and only requires low maintenance. In addition, make borders or hedges for these plants that will give them enough room for growth. Flowerbeds can be added with coordinated colors to give more attraction and appeal to the garden.

Lawns are an important part of garden layout ideas as it forms that main part of any garden. Making arrangements to grow lawns may consume time, thus you must do it right after separating the flowering areas within your garden. In any particular manner, lawns provide you the great chance of shaping your garden in different manners such as zigzag areas, circular formations, square patches, and many more. The reason for this is that lawn grass only grows in areas wherein they are permitted such as walkways and edges and grows quickly as well.

A lawn area can be used anywhere in the garden especially in locations where there are no trees to be planted or water feature to be made. It is best for maintaining the order and symmetry of the garden. On the other hand, lawns should be kept clean and neat. Other garden layout ideas that you can consider incorporating in your garden are raised areas, fire pits, potted plants, patios, walkways, fences, and water features.

Garden Fencing in Lincolnshire

Building A Garden Fence

They are personal privacy and shelter are two essential things in the garden. The latter is often a problem in gardens which are exposed to cold prevailing winds. Both these points are necessary not only for the garden enthusiast himself, but also for the plants in his garden.

Young growth can be seriously damaged by cold winds and regular buffeting will cause a lot of root disturbance. Although personal privacy and shelter can be supplied by trees and shrubs, fences likewise have a vital part to play.

The choice of fencing services in Lincoln need to never be carried out lightly, for major consideration needs to be offered to its look and building and construction.

Strength is very important. A fence is only as strong as its supports. Many fences are provided with strong posts, typically 4-6in (10-15cm) square. Sometimes concrete posts are supplied; these are exceptionally strong. Strength of wood also depends upon the avoidance of rot, and unless cedar wood is utilized (except for posts), all lumber needs to be treated with an ideal preservative. Creosote can be utilized, although it must be allowed to soak into the lumber for a number of weeks prior to plants are trained versus it. Unless this is done, there is the risk of stem and leaf scorch and its usage is not typically advised where plants are to be grown versus or near a fence. A safer treatment includes using copper naphthenate preservatives such as the green, horticultural grades of Cuprinol or Solignum.

Types of fencing

The most popular types are bought as units or panels. Normally they are from 5-6ft (1.5-1.8 m) in length with heights differing from about 3-6ft (90cm-1.8 m). A strong or close boarded fence is, as its name implies, a design which consists of upright or horizontal strips of wood, some 6in (15cm) wide and 1in (2-2.5 cm) thick. The strips are nailed to 2 or more supporting rails at the back of the panel. These provide total personal privacy and wind defense.

Weather condition board fencing includes wedge-shaped strips of wood, (1 in 2cm) in density at one edge, tapering to 0.5 in (1cm) at the other. Each strip overlaps the next by about 1 in(2cm). The advantage of this style is that it is practically peep evidence.

Trellis fencing is matched as a support for climbing up and tracking plants. It is not a strong style however can be utilized to great effect for covering unsightly walls or as an extra part of a fence style. It normally includes laths of wood 1 by 3/4in (2.5 by 1.5 cm) thick, fastened throughout each other vertically and horizontally to form 6-8in (15-20cm) squares. The laths are connected to a more substantial framing of 1 or 1in (2.5 or 3cm) square lumber.

Among the most recent advances in fence production is the sale of packages which are so accurately machined and complete that even an unskilled individual can put up panels without any difficulty. With these kits have actually come new ideas in style, and lots of can be comprised into contemporary styles. This is particularly beneficial where vibrant impacts are needed in the building of patios. Many ultra-modern residential or commercial properties are being built and this advance in fence look will be welcomed by their owners.

Fencing can likewise be supplied in the form of chain link or mesh netting. The best quality is heavily galvanized to stand up to the rigors of the weather condition.

A more current innovation is the plastic covering of chain link over the galvanized wire. Standard colors of dark green, black, white, yellow and light green can be gotten.

Garden Concepts

Useful Landscaping Ideas

In architectural terms, landscaping suggests the art of customizing land areas through making use of natural, cultivated, or built aspects in an organized way and with accordance to a thorough yet visual preparation. If you are getting interested with this art, it is best to come up with fresh landscaping ideas to set your self apart from the rest.

Indeed, landscape style is one of those terms that can be quite frustrating particularly for rookies. But, this does not have to sound so challenging due to the fact that the underlying concepts in it can be translated in simple terms or layperson’s terms, so to speak. As soon as translated into less complicated terms, landscaping would be quickly understood and more people can do it on their own.

Assisting the concepts of production

If you brand-new into landscaping, you have to landscaping concepts to help you create you own one. However, before going gaga over various landscaping concepts out there, you have to acquaint yourself first with the essentials of the art. These include understanding the fundamental elements of landscape design such use of colors and its mix as well as the different color theories. The standards of types, lines, scales, and textures must also be contemplated upon.

To assist you develop your own landscaping task, here are some useful landscaping concepts that you can utilize in order to boost the beauty of your house or make your own personal space pleasing to the eye.

1. Always take in the hardscape into the initial and final landscape style. “Hardscape” describes elements and functions consisting of fences and other designs utilized in the garden as well as patio areas and decks because these will offer a fantastic transition originating from your inside your home to the outdoors of your garden. Constantly make certain that the aspects used in hardscape will match other elements such as plants.

2. Attempt building a dependable but stylish set of fences. People may not discover it however fences– if placed and created appropriately– can create a substantial distinction in the total appearance of your house. When doing your very own landscape, make certain that you invest on great-looking fence because it will be basic in the garden. To be more innovative, try to utilize plants as a fence aside from utilizing the traditional wood ones. Here, you have a special and reliable fence that will speak of your unique taste and preference. However, if you plan to utilize plants as fence, make sure that they are made up of shrubs so they will be simpler to manage.

3. Think about utilizing foliages and drought-tolerant plants to use. If you are not exactly sure if you can look after the plants in your garden frequently, ensure that you use plants that do not need consistent watering and taming.

4. Integrate colors of plant foliages and flowers. To produce a captivating landscaping, always think about the qualities of the foliage. Make sure that the foliage of plants has numerous textures and colors to produce easy patterns that are pleasing to eye.

5. Be experimental in selecting materials. Among the most revitalizing landscaping concepts out there is making use of alternatives in place of the conventional ones. This is due to the fact that in allows the designer to explore more possibilities and lets him or her to be more creative.

One fine example is the use of wood chippers specifically for those who constantly upgrade their space. These are an excellent option specifically for people who wish to trim their growing plants often.